Squawken Hawken – My Blog

Squawken Hawken is my blog, journal, online diary, whatever you want to call it. Here I’ll try my best to update you on what’s going on in Planet Eleanor.Crying-baby-cartoon

The reason my blog’s called Squawken Hawken? This was the nickname my parents gave me when I was a baby because no matter what they did I just wouldn’t stop crying. Who knows what I was so upset about, life really isn’t that bad. But my mother often likes to remind me of the countless times my father would take me out in a pram and push me round and round the London streets, just to give my mum a break from my incessant squawking. The weird thing is, I’m really not a noisy adult. I guess I got all my squawking out of my system when I was young. These days the only squawking I’ll do will be here…as I type…

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