Felix Frost Time Detective

The character of Felix Frost was inspired by my younger brother, who’s an astrophysicist! When we were children, when he wasn’t trying to unravel the secrets of the universe, my brother would try to invent things. One day he tried to invent a time machine by attaching a pan of water to the radiator (I’m sure it was a little more complicated than that…but I’d have to let him explain how!). Remembering that pan of time-travelling water made me think…what would happen if it had actually worked…

And that’s how Felix Frost was born!

Felix Frost Time Detective – Roman Riddle

How to build an accidental time machine:

1. Activate your homemade particle accelerator

2. Fail to supervise your pet chameleon

3. Watch in horror as he kicks a quartz rock in front of the particle ray

… and BAM! Let the adventures begin!

Join Felix Frost, secret boy genius, his chameleon Einstein and his classmate Missy as they travel back in time to Ancient Rome, where terrifying danger and embarrassing togas await.

But can they solve the riddle of a mysterious gladiator skeleton without getting themselves skewered in the gladiator arena?

Funny, fast-paced and full of you-won’t-believe-it facts, Felix Frost: Time Detective will have readers hooked on history and sold on science!


Felix Frost Time Detective – Ghost Plane

As every respectable scientist knows, messing with the space-time continuum is more trouble than it’s worth.

That’s why Felix Frost, secret child genius, has locked up his time machine for good. Yes, sir.

But, when your best friend is an adventure-loving bossy pants and you’ve got a history project to do. Well, that changes things.

When Missy and Felix visit Bill Hudson, Missy’s great grandfather, to ask him about his years as a pilot in WW2, he tells them the story of the ghost plane: a fighter jet that went out on a routine mission, and when it came back, its pilot had vanished.

Join Felix, Missy and Einstein as they dust off the time machine to travel back to England, 1943. Can they solve the mystery of the ghost plane without getting caught out as time travellers? Or worse, spies!

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