The Grey Girl

When I was travelling in Argentina, I woke up one morning from a particularly strange dream. In my dream I was standing in an upstairs room of a grand house, looking out of the window at night time. Outside the window I could see a girl running towards a boat, which was moored up next to a flowing stream. As soon as I woke up I wrote the dream down, and then thought, ‘I’ll do something with that one day…’

And when I came to write a sequel to The Blue Lady, I thought about that dream, and from that dream grew a story about a haunted house…and that was how The Grey Girl came to be.

The Grey Girl follows the character of Suzy, who we meet in The Blue Lady. This is Suzy’s story, and it’s just as spooky… You don’t have to have read The Blue Lady to read The Grey Girl, it’s a stand alone book, but the story happens after the events of The Blue lady.


The Grey Girl

Poor Suzy thought she’d never get over the terrifying events from her time at St Marks, but she’s resolved to put all thoughts of ghosts and murders (and school…) behind her as she sets off to stay in her aunt’s country estate for the summer. Unfortunately, that quickly looks unlikely. Almost as soon as she arrives Suzy begins to feel watched, and she starts to see strange things. Things like a mysterious grey girl running towards the abandoned boathouse in the dead of the night. Is the girl real – or something altogether more sinister?

Helped by the rather hunky Nate (not that Suzy’s letting herself get distracted, of course) Suzy sets out to discover exactly what happened to this girl. She’s determined not to let another ghost get the better of her, but she might not have any choice in the matter…


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